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Achieve professional-quality sound design in 6 simple steps

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Begin your sound design journey by uploading your video
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Drag anywhere over the timeline to select the desired scene
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Have a particular sound in mind? Simply describe it, and we'll take care of the rest
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Get Suggestions

Explore our video-based suggestions if you need inspiration for sound ideas
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Integrate Sounds

Refine and incorporate the chosen generated sounds into your timeline
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Easily export your finished project in the desired format

On the journey to compile the greatest post-production tools

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Sound Effects & Ambiences
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Leverage our video-based models to craft and dynamically mix SFX and ambiences, perfectly tailored to your content. Sign up - It's free
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Elevate your narrative with the perfect soundtrack, making it uniquely yours with every note. Sign up - It's free
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Become a compelling narrator to empower your stories with easy voice-over and dubbing capabilities. Sign up - It's free

Frequently Asked

Q1. Is there a size limit for uploaded video?

Currently, we accommodate videos up to 3 minutes long but will be increasing this very fast in the near future.

Q2. How are suggestions generated?

After selecting a scene on the timeline, our models analyze your video's content to provide tailored suggestions.

Q3. How many sounds are generated for each suggestion?

Each suggestion offers the flexibility to endlessly regenerate or create new sounds, with no restrictions on the number of times you can do so.

Q4. What export options are available?

Audio files can be exported either as separate tracks or as a combined mix, in addition to exporting the complete video.

Q5. Is there an integration or plugin available for other editing software?

Currently, Adorno AI does not offer a plugin or integration but we are in the process of developing one. We would love to hear which software you'd like us to support.

Q6. Who owns the rights to the generated sounds?

While you can use the generated sounds royalty-free in your creative projects, you do not own the rights to the sounds themselves. You cannot sell, resell, or distribute the generated sounds individually or compile them into sound libraries.

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